List of Assemblies & Churches in NSW + ACT

For several years a New South Wales "Assemblies Information Handbook" was issued annually – giving details of most of the Christian Brethren Assemblies.  The List on this website has not been adequately maintained in the last year or two and is now undergoing an overhaul and will be re-displayed as soon as possible.

Meanwhile a list of Assemblies and Churches is published in the annual "CCCAust Handbook".  In the National 2017-18 edition, details are given for 65 assemblies and churches in NSW/ACT.  Details of these are also available via the website  There is also a comprehensive list in the AMT's "Notice of Meetings" here.

To obtain more information about, or to make contact with, a particular church, please contact Mr Bradley Scott, Secretary of the NSW Coordinating Conference, by phone or email.

Note: some Assemblies and Churches are also listed in the Telstra White Pages phone book.

Click here for lists of Assembly web sites outside NSW.

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This page last updated – 14 July 2017