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 NSW Assemblies Coordinating Conference

The Coordinating Conference commenced in 1959 as a regular forum for discussion of matters of interest to the Assemblies of Christian Brethren in NSW (but was known then as the "Bimonthly Meeting of Elder Brethren"). The Objects of the meetings were defined and adopted by a meeting in November 1959 and were ratified at meetings in 1977 and again in 1981.

The Conference meetings became quarterly and then in recent years were held at six monthly intervals, but at the meeting on 19 May 2005 it was decided to again meet quarterly in future. The venue for these meetings is published on the Coming Events page of this web site and in each issue of the Assemblies Outreach magazine.  Copies of each meeting's Agenda and Minutes are distributed to all assemblies in NSW.  Extra copies can be obtained by contacting the Conference Secretary.

The chairman and secretary for the Conference have been elected annually for many years and at the May 2005 meeting, Mr Ross Bunyon was elected Chairman and Mr Graham Hayden was elected Secretary.  

New Guiding Principles for the Conference were drafted and discussed at meetings in 2005.  The agreed final document was adopted at the meeting on 16 February 2006.  In accordance with these Principles, the Conference now has Chairman, and may have a Deputy-Chairman (each of whom is elected at the beginning of every second year), and a Secretary.

In May 2006 Mr Hayden retired from the Secretary's position and Mr Bradley Scott was elected.  A statement of the Secretary's duties (in addition to those relating to the Conference meetings) was drawn up in order to clarify what activities still remain the responsibility of the NSW Assemblies Evangelistic Mission and was ratified at the May 2007 meeting. Also at this meeting Mr Ross Bunyon was elected Chairman for a second two year term.

A copy of the new Guiding Principles (130KB in PDF format) can be read or downloaded, or a hard copy can be obtained by contacting the Conference Secretary.

The Co-ordinating Conference has adopted these principles in an attempt to document its position and purpose and to assist in regulating its activities.

Those attending the Conference meetings are expected to adhere to these principles.


[Soon we hope to give opportunity here to register to receive the Agenda and Minutes of the meetings, either via e-mail or via regular mail.]


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