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Assemblies Outreach Magazine - the PDF version

From February 2008, a PDF version of this magazine has been offered to subscribers, in addition to, or instead of, the printed-on-paper version. (For the cost of these options visit the subscriptions page.)  For each issue the PDF file will be sent to subscribers by e-mail on the same day that the printed magazine is mailed via Australia Post.

The PDF version offers advantages which may be useful to some subscribers. These advantages are mainly synonymous with the Portable Document Format (PDF) invented by the Adobe Systems company.

The advantages include:-

Note: Each magazine's PDF file is relatively large (about 1.4 to 1.9 MBytes) and may take a considerable time to reach your computer unless you have a broadband Internet connection.

Your PC must have the Adobe Reader program loaded to read a PDF file.  It is a free progarm and if you need to get a copy, or update to the latest version, please 'Click' on the Adobe icon here to go directly to their web site:  Get Adobe Reader and then follow the simple instructions there.

Before thinking about subscribing, try some of the PDF versions of previous issues of the magazine stored on this web site.

After February 2015, subscribers to the PDF version will have two months exclusive access to each issue, before it is added to the stock of previous issues on this web site. For example, the Feb 2015 issue PDF will not be stored on the web site until the April 2015 issue has been distributed.


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