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Assemblies Outreach Magazine - previous Issues

Click on any of the dates in the list below if you would like to see that issue's Cover and Contents List, and to download the free PDF version if available.

(An asterisk * indicates the issues where the PDF is currently available for download from this website.   Usually each issue since 2015 becomes available as a PDF four (2) months after it was originally mailed to subscribers. It can be obtained earlier by subscribing to the PDF version.)

Please use your browser's 'BACK arrow' when you wish to return to this list.

Please note: Prior to 2003 all issues of the magazine were printed in Black and White. Throughout 2003 and 2004 it was published with 8 pages in full colour and the remaining 24 pages in one colour plus black.  From 2005 each issue had 16 pages of full colour and 16 in one colour and black. Then, from April 2007, all pages are printed in full colour.

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