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Outreach Tape Ministry

This recording and copying ministry was conducted by Mr Hugh Fletcher, and his wife Marie, for many years. They recorded many conference and house-party speakers - mainly at NSW locations.  The speakers came from NSW Assemblies, other Australian States, and from overseas. The work of Mr & Mrs Fletcher created a valuable and extensive library of tapes on many Bible passages and topics – copies of which could be puchased for a nominal fee to cover the cost of the cassette tape and postage.  Any profit from the sales helped provide funds for the NSW Home Workers.  

Recording of new material ceased in December 2004, and then much of the recording equipment was donated to other Brethren missionary activities.

In early 2009, the Ministry took on the task of making each tape available in digital form so that it could be better preserved, and so that the teaching material could be made available in 'modern' formats such as CD, MP3 and via a web site. Over 1,000 tapes were involved and the task took many months to complete. The bulk of the work was handled by Hugh Fletcher before he passed away in February 2012.

All of the digitised recordings were given to Mr Gary Akehurst who is digitising many other recordings including those done by Des Baird’s 'Sound Words Ministry' in Queensland.   All this material is now available on Gary's Blessed Assurance Promise Box website, and more is being added to a new web site PromisBoxAudio.

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