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Information on some Christian Brethren Evangelists in NSW
(in Alphabetic order of Surnames)

Please get in touch with any of these individuals if you require more information than this web site currently provides.

George & Rita Galieh:

  • Postal address:  Good News Festivals, PO Box 101, Moorebank, NSW 1875
  • Phone: (02) 9600 7292
  • Assembly attended:  Campbelltown Christian Brethren Church
  • Ministry: via the George Galieh Evangelistic Crusades organisation, George and his wife Rita have been presenting the Gospel for many years in NSW churches, across Australia, and overseas, especially to Thailand where they have toured for eleven years.  Their story was printed in the December 2003 issue of the Assemblies Outreach magazine.
    George plays the violin as well as singing duets with Rita. Whilst he is preaching, Rita often produces a beautiful poster in chalks to illustrate a key text in his message.
    Another feature of the Galiehs' outreach is the weekly 15 minute "Communication" radio program written, produced and recorded for Australian stations and overseas broadcasts on HCJB and TWR. There are also daily outreach 60-second 'spots' on Sydney's Christian radio 103.2FM, which is also broadcast over the Internet.
    For further information about their ministry and what's involved with having a Good News Festival in your area, write or phone using the above contact details.

Henry Lepke:

  • Phone: (02) 4683 1587
  • Assembly attended:  Camden Christian Fellowship
  • Ministry:  Henry is willing to adapt evangelism to any format, place or theme, including gospel music if requested, and am comfortable with all forms of evangelism: one-to-one, groups, interactive, and platform events, working with adults and older teens.
    He's also willing to facilitate workshops that prepare Christians for effective personal evangelism (e.g. how to build bridges, open doors, overcome fears, manage crucial issues, become aware of do’s and don’ts, articulate the gospel through personal testimony, articulate the gospel in different situations, etc). As an extension of this, he can also be of help to Christians who seek specific understanding regarding the belief systems of those to whom they are witnessing (e.g. Agnostics, Atheists, Catholics, SDAs, Mormons, JWs, Christadelphians, Muslims, Hindus, New Age).

Daya Nand:

  • phone: (02) 9649 5904
  • Commending Assembly: Bankstown Brethren Assembly
  • Ministry:  "I am available as a Gospel preacher – having been called by the Lord in 1959 and commended by the Fiji Assemblies, endorsed by the New Zealand Assemblies and, here in Australia, by the Bankstown Assembly. I have served among people of all races. I have majored on a “teaching-gospel” emphasis so that believers can be helped as well as the unsaved.  I am 'ready to preach' as the Lord directs."
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This page last updated – 26 July 2008