Christian Media Services Inc (CMS Inc)

Christian Media Services Inc is a TV and video recording and production ministry of Dr John Angus.  It is a non-profit association committed to proclaiming the Good News of Christ through relevant media.

As well as recording conferences and assembly meetings on request, Dr Angus assists in the production of English and Arabic Christian TV programmes which are broadcast on TVS, Sydney's new free-to-air Community TV channel (the old Channel 31) and on the nationwide BSkyB satellite which reaches Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne. More information about this ministry can be found on the 'Door of Hope' web site.

Dr Angus also produces a quarterly Christian Video Magazine containing interesting items and messages for a range of age groups. This can be purchased either in VHS tape format or on a DVD.

The latest issue, Volume 22 No. 1, was released in mid March 2013.  It includes (TBA)

Copies of this video, and previous issues, and further information about CMS Inc, can be obtained by visiting the CMS Inc web site or by contacting Dr Angus at the address below.

An annual subscription to the Video Magazine (four issues) can be purchased for VHS tape, or DVD.  Individual copies can also be purchased.

About 140 other Christian video cassettes (VHS format) are available for loan from Dr Angus - there is no borrowing fee except for postage.


Contact details:–
   Postal Address: Christian Media Services Inc,
                             PO Box 128, Shellharbour Square,  NSW   2529
   Phone: 1300 301 656

   Web site:




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