Emmaus Correspondence School (NSW)

The Emmaus Correspondence School is non-denominational, evangelical and committed to filling the Great Commission through Bible Correspondence Study which has proved an effective way of learning for many people.

The Emmaus organisation as a whole operates in 91 countries, using 116 languages, and distributes almost 1 million courses a year.

Emmaus offers 70 courses suitable for adults, teenagers, children, new converts, mature Christians, Bible study groups, and non-Christians. As a ministry to prisoners, Prison Outreach NSW has been established to distribute Bible Gems calendars and courses to prisoners in NSW. Rob Flinders, a port missionary with the Seamen's Christian Friend Society, uses the Emmaus courses amongst the seafarers who visit the Botany Bay Port in Sydney.

Gifts to this outreach are appreciated for sponsoring of Emmaus Bible Gem calendars and general expenses.

Emmaus Correspondence School (NSW) is closely linked with the Emmaus Bible College and further information can be obtained from:

Contact details:

PO Box 234, Epping, NSW 2121
ph: (02) 9873 3152
fax: (02) 8850 2754

This page last updated 5/1/2008

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