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Acting on behalf of NSW Assemblies, under the umbrella of the NSW Coordinating Conference, this Council meets, as required, to provide advice to those seeking to serve the Lord on a full-time basis in assemblies or para-assembly organisations.

The Council seeks to pastorally care for and encourage those already serving the Lord in NSW, in conjunction with the Treasurers.

The Council also provides advice to elders in assemblies in respect of existing and prospective full-time workers, with regard to:-

  • The biblical doctrines of spiritual gifts, full-time Christian service and commendation for such service;
  • The spiritual and practical requirements of full-time workers, including the commending assembly's responsibility in the area of support finance.
  • The probable validity of the divine call in specific cases, as evaluated in terms of the requirements of a worker in relation to the person, their spouse, and family, if any.
  • Solutions to any problems which arise concerning the assembly and/or the worker during service after commendation, including change in the area of their Christian ministry.
  • The wording of the Letter of Commendation, which requires to be explicit in such areas as activities of the worker, sources of financial support, organisational links, etc.

The Council can provide elders with an information pack and a 'profile' questionnaire to facilitate the above advice and processes, and will usually conduct an interview as well.

The current Council members are:-
        Graham Hayden, Bill Archbold, Faye Loudon and Ray Stanton.

Postal address: PO Box 640, Burwood, NSW 2134
ph: 9715 5520 or (after hours) 0412 956 942
fax: 9715 5528

This page last updated 14/7/2005

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