Religious Education in Schools

A number of individual members of NSW Assemblies are taking religious education classes in public schools in various places, but there are many openings for more teachers!

Christian Brethren Assemblies (NSW) is a member of ICCOREIS, the 'Inter Church Commission on Religious Education in Schools (NSW)'. 

The purpose of ICCOREIS is fourfold:-

  1. to provide a fully representative context for inter-church discussion on religious education in government schools.
  2. to formulate policy for endorsement by member churches.
  3. to represent member churches in negotiations with the NSW Government and the Department of Education and Training.
  4. to negotiate and maintain liaison with relevant groups and other organisations.

Our membership carries with it the responsibility to support the work of the Council financially by means of an annual subscription. Contributions to this are payable through the Secretary of the NSW Assemblies Coordinating Conference, Mr Brad Scott.

Our representative on the Council for many years was Mrs Robin Odell but when she retired in 2004 Miss Faye Loudon took on the role.  For more information about the Council please visit the ICCOREISS web site.

If you wish to know how to become involved in the religious education ministry, please contact Faye Loudon on (02) 9747 1351 or Brad Scott on (02) 9626 0055.

This page last updated 4/2/2007

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