University Chaplaincy


University chaplaincy is a multi-functional role. The chaplain operates as a mediator between the university community and churches in the region around the campus. Within the university community, the chaplain represents the interests of their appointing body through negotiation with the university administration, pastoral care of students & staff and contribution to the broader university community. The chaplaincy is a multi-faith environment which relies on mutual respect.

There is currently one Christian Brethren chaplaincy position in operation in NSW and it's at Macquarie University in Sydney. This position was approved by the university council in 1995 and Geoff Folland served in the role until 31 March 2009. The role then became the responsibility of Rodney Trinidad.

For more information about the chaplain and his role at Macquarie University - link to his current web page or contact the Rodney during normal business hours.


Note: Two extra ministry positions are currently available - details are here (in PDF format)



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