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 Web Links Disclaimer:  By clicking on a link below, you are leaving this NSW Christian Brethren website.  We have provided access to other websites but these are not under our control.  Although we try to choose sites that may be helpful to you, we are not responsible for the quality, safety, completeness, accuracy or nature of the content of such sites.  Please be aware that such content may change without our knowledge.  We provide these links simply as a convenience and this convenience should not be considered an endorsement by us of these websites or the organizations who own them.

Nation-wide Christian Brethren Organisations in Australia
Australian Missionary Tidings (AMT) -
Christian Community Churches of Australia -
Christian Community Churches of Australia (NSW) -
Emmaus Bible College -
GLO Ministries -

Assemblies outside NSW
Christian Community Churches in Victoria and Tasmania -
Christian Brethren Assemblies in New Zealand -
   for more links to Lists of Assemblies - please click here

Other useful Christian Brethren websites
Christian Brethren Chaplaincy ministry at Macquarie Uni -
Christian Brethren Community Services -
Strength in Unity Movement (in NSW) -
Information on the Christian Brethren Movement -
Information on many Brethren groups -
South Africa Brethren site with Links to other Assembly lists, etc - Brethren Assemblies Main Index.htm
A useful Plymouth Brethren site with links to other brethren material -
The new Brethren Educational Network website -
The Plymouth Brethren "wiki" -
"Precious Seed" magazine (UK) -
"Uplook" magazine - (Canada) -
"Awake to Israel" ministry based in Epping, NSW -

Other useful Christian websites
Have you a problem or issue to check on?  Consult God's "Yellow Pages"  –  the Bible!
Find other Australia Churches -
Life-changing words from Scripture Gift Mission -
Experience Power to Change -
Christian Resources Exhibition (in Sydney) -
"Door of Hope" TV programs in Arabic -
Christian Computing magazine (digitally delivered) -
Christian Video magazine (digitally delivered) -
Bible Gateway - a searchable online Bible -
The Herald of Hope Inc -

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In addition, here is a combined list of links to websites mentioned in 'Internet Corner' from past issues of the Assemblies Outreach Magazine.
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